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Access to health education is a human right.

The World Health Organization reports that trained and supported community health workers could prevent 3 million annual child deaths worldwide. However, many medically-underserved communities lack access to health worker education as well as general public health education.

At Digital Medic, we are committed to reaching health workers and communities worldwide with accurate, timely, and understandable health information. We work to build capacity for the global health workforce, increase health-promoting behaviors, and improve health outcomes.

What We Do

Education Design
We help identify high-need health topics and employ human-centered design principles to create relevant, actionable, and enjoyable learning experiences.
Global Collaboration
We partner with non-governmental organizations, governmental bodies, and communities to co-create, distribute and evaluate digital health education content.
Impact Evaluation
We measure the impact of digital health education initiatives and continuously iterate based on our findings. We are a collaborative learning lab and share research to promote global advances in digital health education.

Where We Work

Estimated population reach

Sample Content


2021 Program Summary: Impact Through Collaboration

April 11, 2022
The Digital Medic 2021 Program Summary outlines our work over the past year — the health education content we created and the communities it reached, our research findings, and the invaluable relationships that made it all possible.
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How to communicate timely, high-need health information at scale

February 23, 2022
A case study on “glocalization”: In late 2021, we translated four evidence-based COVID-19 educational videos into five Southeast Asian languages. The videos quickly reached a large audience, accumulating 4M+ views on YouTube, demonstrating the value of content that is both globally appealing and locally relevant.
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A Few of Our Collaborators

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Hilary Goeiman, Western Cape Department of Health
We are really thankful for your partnership and openness, openness in terms of content to ensure there is alignment...the open relationship to be able to say ‘this needs tweaked here’. It’s really co-creation.
Hilary Goeiman
Western Cape Department of Health - South Africa
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