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Expanding knowledge, improving health.

At Digital Medic, we envision a world where all communities have access to engaging, evidence-based, and actionable health information.

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Health Education Design

We work with governments, community-based groups, and other health stakeholders to co-create health worker training and community health education. All resources are open-access, free for anyone to use on any device.

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Research and Evaluation

We rigorously investigate the factors that make health education effective and scalable. Together with our partners, we are building the evidence base for creating impactful digital health education and training in underserved communities.

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Health education is essential to health equity.

Everyone deserves to make informed decisions about health, whether caring for themselves or others. We are committed to tackling the major drivers of death and disease through training and education.


The World Health Organization predicts a shortage of 10 million health workers by 2030, primarily in low- and middle-income communities. Continuous training and upskilling for care providers are essential to closing this gap, and exclusively in-person training is no longer enough.

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Access to evidence-based information, in a language you understand, and with information you can act on, is a foundational building block of health — and is currently not the reality for millions of people worldwide.

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From Stanford, California to Cape Town, South Africa and beyond

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Caring for Sick Children in the Community

Globally, 30% of deaths among children under age five are caused by preventable, treatable diseases. Trained community health workers can save lives.

Our open-access refresher training helps health workers identify signs of common childhood illnesses, care for sick children at home, and refer families to health facilities when necessary.


Understanding and Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy

Indigenous communities in Guatemala reported rampant misinformation and mistrust around COVID-19 vaccines after their rollout. We researched the drivers of vaccine hesitancy, then created and shared culturally tailored educational videos over social media.

People who watched the videos were nearly 2x as likely to get vaccinated as those who did not.

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“We absolutely love working with the Digital Medic team. The content you produce is top-notch, and we appreciate the rigorous, thoughtful approach you bring to designing, distributing, and evaluating content.”

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