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The World Health Organization estimates a shortage of 10 million health workers by 2030, primarily in low- and lower-middle-income communities. The burden of preventable morbidity and mortality will continue to fall on these communities and widen gaps in global health equity unless more health workers are trained now.

At the same time, the spread of medical misinformation is growing in the public domain — on some social media platforms, falsehoods are 70% more likely to be shared than facts.

At Digital Medic, we envision a world where all communities have access to engaging, evidence-based, and actionable health information. Our mission is to improve the health of global communities by advancing the field of health education, building capacity for the health workforce, and expanding information equity worldwide. 

What We Do

Education Design
We help identify high-need health topics and employ human-centered design principles to create relevant, actionable, and enjoyable learning experiences.
Global Collaboration
We work with non-governmental organizations, governmental bodies, and communities to co-create, distribute and evaluate digital health education content.
Research & Evaluation
We measure the impact of digital health education initiatives and continuously iterate based on our findings. We are a collaborative learning lab and share research to promote global advances in digital health education.

Where We Work

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Updates in digital health education

Q&A: Localizing Food-Based Dietary Guidelines with Community Insights

March 28, 2023
We worked with Stellenbosch University and the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre to develop and test global food-based dietary guidelines for people in Zanzibar and Mainland Tanzania using a community-centered approach. Learn more in this interview with team members Nophiwe Job and Shân Fischer.
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A Few of Our Collaborators

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Hilary Goeiman, Western Cape Department of Health
We are really thankful for your partnership and openness, openness in terms of content to ensure there is alignment...the open relationship to be able to say ‘this needs tweaked here’. It’s really co-creation.
Hilary Goeiman
Western Cape Department of Health - South Africa