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Advocacy Training for Community Health Workers

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A free digital advocacy training to elevate the voices of community health workers.

Audience: Community Health Workers

Languages: English; French; Spanish

Format: Videos; Exercises; Facilitator Guide; Student Workbook

Key topics: Advocacy; Storytelling; Technology tools; History of CHW programs

Community health workers (CHWs) are the most proximal and trusted care providers for millions worldwide. However, CHWs have historically been excluded from conversations and decision-making that influence their work and communities.

CHWs with advocacy training are 2-4x more likely to engage in political, civic, and workplace advocacy. We worked with the Community Health Impact Coalition and an advisory group of CHWs from around the world to develop this training to equip CHWs with the skills to effectively share their personal stories and promote the health issues most important to their communities. All content is action-oriented and reflects the realities of CHWs’ work.

The training is designed for individuals as well as group training and is flexible to fit existing training and work schedules. Videos, reading materials, and reflection exercises communicate the history and background of CHW programs, how to advocate for improved health care and working conditions, how to tell personal stories to advocate for change, and how to use technology tools to participate in global conversations. 

The course is open-access and officially recognized as a Digital Public Good and a Content Global Good.

“I used to be not able to speak in meetings … but now through the training, I'm now confident I can speak on behalf of my village, and I can change, and I can reach my voice to the voiceless.”

- Nabbwegamo Habibah, Community Health Worker with Nama Wellness Community Centre

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This training includes four modules with nearly 40 videos, reflection exercises, Facilitator Guide, and Student Workbook. All materials are free for use under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. 

Module 1: History and background of CHW programs

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Video: Course welcome and overviewPlayDownload


Video: Introduction to global goalsPlayDownload


Video: CHW contributions to achieving global goalsPlayDownload


Video: Introduction to stakeholdersPlayDownload


Video: The future of CHW programsPlayDownload 


Interactive exercises  


Additional reading  


Introduction to Global Goals | View and download all resources

Module 2: How to advocate for improved healthcare and working conditions

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Video: What is advocacy?PlayDownload


Video: Why are CHWs natural advocates?PlayDownload


Video: What do CHWs advocate for?PlayDownload


Video: Step 1: Choose an issuePlayDownload


Video: Step 2: Set a realistic goalPlayDownload


Video: Step 3: Identify the current statePlayDownload


Video: Step 4: Find the decision-makersPlayDownload


Video: Step 5: Build a roadmapPlayDownload


Video: Step 6: Build your coalitionPlayDownload


Video: Step 7: Influence the decision-makersPlayDownload


Video: Step 8: Keep track of your progressPlayDownload


Video: Step 9: Keep going!PlayDownload


Video: CHWs and global advocacyPlayDownload


Interactive exercises  


Additional reading  


What do CHWs Advocate for? | View and download all resources

Module 3: How to tell personal stories to advocate for change

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Video: What is storytelling?PlayDownload


Video: Why do CHWs tell their stories?PlayDownload


Video: Finding your voicePlayDownload


Video: Your voice mattersPlayDownload


Video: Fears Around Speaking upPlayDownload


Video: George Mwinnyaa's StoryPlayDownload


Video: Confidence Building PlayDownload


Video: How Stories Reflect Our ValuesPlayDownload


Video: Storytelling for AdvocacyPlayDownload


Video: Storytelling Part 1: The ChallengePlayDownload


Video: Storytelling Part 2: The ClimaxPlay Download


Video: Storytelling Part 3: Call for ChangePlayDownload


Video: Practicing Your Story PlayDownload


Interactive exercises  


Additional reading  


Why Do CHWs Tell Their Stories? | View and download all resources

Module 4: How to use technology tools to participate in global conversations

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Video: What are virtual meetings?PlayDownload


Video: Types of Virtual MeetingsPlayDownload


Video: Meeting AgendasPlayDownload


Video: Video Etiquette in Virtual Meetings PlayDownload


Video: Audio Etiquette in Virtual Meetings PlayDownload


Video: Language Support in Virtual Meetings PlayDownload


Video: Course ConclusionPlayDownload


Interactive exercises  


Additional reading  


Video Etiquette in Virtual Meetings | View and download all resources

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View and download all content in the free Digital Medic mobile app for iOS and Android. We recommend this option for learners in settings with limited data and internet connectivity.