On the 7th floor inpatient ward of Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology (SJIC) in Bangalore, we met Manoj — a boy whose last day of school in 9th standard coincided with the week of his heart surgery. On the day we met, he was exactly one week away from the scheduled surgery.

Manoj and his mother had spent the earlier part of the afternoon participating in one of Noora Health’s cardiac modules training courses alongside other 7th floor cardiac patients and families. The hands-on course was facilitated by one of the nursing incharges in the ward’s entry area and included video, live demonstrations, and discussion. During the training, family members were able to practice recovery skills in the safety of the hospital and ask questions before returning home.

Manoj’s mother shared that the training course eased some of the worry she felt about the upcoming surgery. During the training, they had the opportunity to practice postoperative deep breathing exercises using a positive expiratory pressure device. Together Manoj and his mother demonstrated the exercises for us with confidence, and afterward his mother said, “We are ready. Everything is going to be okay”.

As their mission states, Noora Health is truly “teaching those who care the most, how to help those who need it the most”.