In 2022, we expanded our work in creating and evaluating health education content for health workers and communities worldwide. Learn how we worked with global collaborators to reach over 36 million learners in our 2022 Program Summary.

Access to health education is a human right. This belief is at the core of everything we do at Digital Medic. In 2022, we continued to work toward our mission of creating engaging, high-need digital health education content that can scale efficiently to communities worldwide. As always, our team accomplished this through global collaboration, people-centered learning design, and impact evaluation. Read on for a few highlights from our annual program summary.

Building capacity for the global health workforce

Between 2016 and 2022, Digital Medic content reached an estimated 15.5M frontline health workers.

As global health workforce shortages persist, it is vital to ensure health workers worldwide have access to high-quality resources and training opportunities. In 2022, our team created and broadened the impact of health education content developed with and for healthcare providers, with an emphasis on supporting community health workers (CHWs).

Some of our 2022 health education resources and research with CHWs include:

We advanced digital education for other health professionals too through more research and course development:

Supporting healthy communities around the world

Since 2016, our evidence-based content has reached over 20.5M community learners across 180 countries. 

With our collaborators, we work together to identify urgent public health challenges – from vaccine hesitancy to inadequate nutrition – and develop open-access health education resources that reach the general public. In 2022, our team created, tested, and amplified accessible health education content for audiences in low-resource settings around the world.

We helped address urgent gaps in vaccine and COVID-19 education through content creation and research:

In addition to creating brand new resources, our team also adapted existing content to scale to new audiences:

Our work would not have been possible without the supporters and collaborators listed in the full report. Read the 2022 Program Summary to learn more and subscribe to our quarterly email newsletter for regular updates.