“These are really outstanding resources.”

Raj Panjabi, Co-Founder and CEO, Last Mile Health

Experts predict the COVID-19 pandemic will disproportionately impact the most vulnerable communities where barriers to accessing health care and health information are high.

There are many organizations working to slow the spread of the pandemic. Our team at Digital Medic is committed to applying our expertise in education and health to create resources that are designed to be universally relevant, using easy-to-understand visual messaging that transcends literacy and language barriers. 

For the past several years we have worked with communities in the global south to co-create health education resources. Together we are creating a mobile-friendly toolkit with accessible information on critical COVID-19 prevention behaviors.

The spectrum of hand washing techniques.

The visual messages address the spectrum of recommended prevention behaviors based on varying availability of resources. For example, in the absence of tap water, hand washing can be safely done using a washing bowl, tippy tap, or sanitizer.

The toolkit will be updated with new downloadable content over the coming weeks as our team responds to evolving needs related to COVID-19. Currently in production are materials on social distancing, management of respiratory secretions, and myth busters.

“The World Health Organization’s communication team really liked the visual content.”

Gustav Praekelt, Founder, Praekelt Foundation

Whether you are a frontline worker, community member, or NGO – we hope you find these materials useful and disseminate them to your networks. Together we can work to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect the vulnerable among us.