Learn where to find Digital Medic courses, videos, and other health education resources 

Digital Medic collaborates with organizations worldwide to create engaging, evidence-based, and actionable health education content. Whether you are looking for a digital toolkit, an animated video, or a printable poster, our open-access resources are available across multiple channels, devices, and languages, with or without an internet connection.

We strive to reach people with relevant health information when and where they need it.

Read a summary of how to find Digital Medic resources below, and check out our new web page that outlines different ways to find and download educational content that is relevant to you. 

Project web pages

On our website, you can find project-specific pages that include background information, embedded videos, and links to download multimedia content files directly to your device.

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Mobile app

The Digital Medic app is a free tool for accessing health education content online or offline. When a connection is available, you can use the app to download files to your device. Once stored on the device, you can review the content anytime.

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Digital Medic videos are published on the Stanford Center for Health Education (SCHE) YouTube channel, where you can browse playlists organized by topic or project.

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In addition to these channels, our collaborator organizations often host Digital Medic content on locally targeted or community-specific websites. If you are interested in sharing or adapting our materials, please refer to the Digital Medic Content Use Guidelines

Contact our team at digitalmedic@stanford.edu with any questions, requests, or feedback.