Myth: Avoid anyone who has fully recovered from Covid-19 for fear that they could be contagious

But a person who has had Covid-19 is not contagious if they meet all of the following 3 criteria: First, 10 days must have passed since their symptoms started, second, they must have gone 3 days without fever – and it’s important they didn’t use a medicine to lower the fever, third, other symptoms must have improved (or completely resolved?) It’s important to know this because people with Covid-19 and those who have recovered should be treated with care and respect. They should not be feared or stigmatized. Whether you’ve recovered from COVID-19 or have never had COVID-19, you can protect yourself and others by wearing a mask when you’re around others and knowing the facts about how to prevent infections. It is important to prevent infection by wearing a mask when you are around others to keep your germs away from them.