Myth: Diesel and petrol can be used to clean masks and other PPE or sunlight can disinfect N95 face masks

These rumors are not true. Diesel and petrol can damage the material of masks; and diesel and petrol are dangerous if they touch the skin, or are inhaled or swallowed – any of which could happen if you soak a mask in diesel or petrol and then wear it. PPE is in high demand and many people are reusing and trying to preserve the equipment for as long as possible. But using diesel and petrol on PPE can weaken it and leave it useless. The same applies to using sunlight to clean N95 masks – the sunlight can damage the mask and weaken it. Here are some safe ways to clean masks: To clean cloth face masks, wash them as you would clothes and ideally dry them in a tumble drier at high heat. N95 masks should not be washed. Instead, if you need to reuse an N95, place it in a paper bag for 72 hours before wearing it again. Remember to get rid of PPE that is visibly soiled or showing signs of wear and tear.