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5 Tips for Spotting Misinformation about COVID-19

May 28, 2020
COVID-19 does not spread alone. The virus spreads alongside medical myths and health hoaxes which create a misinfodemic — an epidemic of misinformation — that could render this crisis even more deadly. Studies show that false health news travels farther and faster than accurate information. You can protect yourself with these tools to help you separate fact from myth. When...
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Our 2020 Program Summary

May 7, 2020
View and download the summary As I have had the opportunity to dedicate more time and energy in the digital health promotion space, it has become increasingly evident that improved health education will drive improved health outcomes. The reasons are self evident — more informed people will make better health choices and their health outcomes will improve. This wa...
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COVID-19 Global Education Toolkit

April 3, 2020
"These are really outstanding resources." Raj Panjabi, Co-Founder and CEO, Last Mile Health Experts predict the COVID-19 pandemic will disproportionately impact the most vulnerable communities where barriers to accessing health care and health information are high. There are many organizations working to slow the spread of the pandemic. Our team at Digital Medic is committe...
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Trauma-Informed Techniques for Lawyers Interviewing Immigrant Children

November 15, 2019
By Suman Kasturia There are many voices dominating the conversation on immigration that we, living in the US, hear through news media on a daily basis. One year ago, we heard a recording of children crying just after being forcibly separated from their families at the border—painful, and striking, it called our collective attention to the voices we rarely hear. With su...
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Safeguarding the Mental Health of Child Immigrants - New Online Toolkit for Attorneys

November 8, 2019
By Suman Kasturia “The video is deep and simple. A difficult combination to reach in educational material.”-Attorney Over the past year, our team at Digital MEdIC have worked collaboratively with faculty at Stanford and the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley to create an educational “toolkit” aimed at attorneys who advocate for detained immigrant children. ...
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From Theory to Practice: Our Strategic Retreat With Our Global Team

November 1, 2019
By Kira-Leigh Kuhnert “We are going to Stanford!” the South Africa-based Digital Medic team exclaimed with excitement as we got news, at the 11th hour, that one of our colleague’s visa application to the USA was approved. This is one of the few challenges of being part of a global team based in two countries. The Digital Medic South Africa Office Global collabor...
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