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Annual Program Summary

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Expanding knowledge, improving health.

In 2023, we launched a digital course with collaborators in South Africa and Kenya to aid Community Health Workers in caring for some of the most common and deadly childhood illnesses. Our Advocacy Training for Community Health Workers received official recognition as a global public good, attracted thousands of new learners, and earned adopted by the Ugandan Ministry of Health for nationwide implementation. We also published over 50 educational videos in Spanish on the most commonly searched health topics in the United States.

These are just a few highlights. Explore our 2023 health education projects, studies, and stories of collaboration in our latest program summary.

Explore our 2023 Program Summary

2023 Highlights

Explore our program summary to see all health education and research projects over the last year.


Discover our latest digital training that equips health workers to care for some of the world's most common and deadly childhood illnesses. 

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In 2023, our Advocacy Training for Community Health Workers received recognition as a global open-access resource.

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From 2021 through 2023, we published over 120 informational videos on the most commonly searched health topics in English and Spanish.

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Investigating how to reach underserved communities effectively and equitably: Our qualitative paper shares three main barriers to vaccination among Indigenous Guatemalans. 

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When urgency and scale are paramount: See the results of our study examining a COVID-19 open online course with over 2,000 enrollees from around the world.

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We continue to work with the WHO Health Emergencies Program to investigate how to prepare for Disease X, the next as-yet-unknown pathogen to cause a pandemic.

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Note from our leaders

"Reflecting on 2023 fills us with gratitude for the multitude of fruitful partnerships and remarkable organizations we have been honored to work with.

Among our highlights was a partner roundtable in South Africa. It was a memorable and energizing gathering of government entities, community health organizations, technical partners, and academic institutions. Together, we delved into the pressing community health needs and explored how health education could propel our shared goals forward. The roundtable reminded us all of the power of collaboration. It was humbling to witness firsthand how each participant emphasized the importance of mutual support in advancing their organizational missions. We were thrilled to serve a convening role.

Reflecting on the discussion, all of our partners emphasized the indispensable role of Community Health Workers (CHWs) in promoting health equity and the need for increased training support. We echo their calls for national standards for CHWs to assure quality across populations. We discussed the imperative of focusing on digital literacy to bridge the digital divide, the value of adaptable content in meeting diverse organizational needs, and the vital importance of open-access content in advancing health equity. We were reminded of the centrality of community involvement and co-creation that fosters trust and adoption.

These observations reaffirmed our commitment to prioritizing the co-creation of resources for high-impact community health needs and the training of CHWs. We are inspired to be part of a movement that advances professional standards for CHWs and digital literacy. The launch of our Common Childhood Illness open-access CHW training course, created in collaboration with Lwala Community Alliance, Philani Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Trust, and One to One Africa, marks a significant advancement in comprehensive professional training for CHWs. We eagerly anticipate further progress in this direction.

Our newly launched website enhances transparency in accessing and utilizing our free open-access materials, ensuring they can be seamlessly integrated into any training platform. All our educational and evaluative endeavors are co-created with multiple partners and community members, underscoring our commitment to collaborative solutions that address community needs and drive health advancement.

Our research and evaluation team plays a pivotal role in ensuring our focus remains on impactful work in our communities. Their findings shape best practices for digital learning, guiding our efforts toward greater efficacy and relevance.

Collaboration is at the core of our identity because we understand that true progress in advancing health equity lies in working together with our communities. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for being part of this transformative journey. Together, we are making a difference that has impact far beyond our individual efforts.

With best wishes,
Charles and Aarti"