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Webinar: How Digital Learning Supports In-Person Training for CHWs

How can we support community health workers in continuing their learning outside of in-person training sessions?

In-person training is invaluable for health workers — but how can we support community health workers in continuing their learning outside of existing training sessions?

Digital health education can fill critical gaps in health worker training, enhance the capacity of our global health workforce, and save more lives.

Our collaborators at One to One Africa, Lwala Community Alliance, and Philani Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Trust expressed a need for additional training on the common childhood illnesses that community health workers (CHWs) frequently encounter in their work. 

Worldwide, preventable and treatable diseases are still leading drivers of death for children under the age of five. Strengthening primary health systems, especially at the community level, is key to eliminating avoidable deaths. Trained CHWs save lives, and digital education that complements in-person training can help build essential caregiving skills. 

To be effective, any digital solution must be community-led, accessible online and offline, and reflect CHWs' realities with actionable guidance. During Digital Health Week 2023, we hosted a live webinar with partners from One to One Africa and Lwala Community Alliance to introduce our co-created digital course, Caring for Sick Children in the Community

Watch the recording to see how our organizations worked together to create this refresher training for CHWs, and how One to One and Lwala are rolling out the course to CHWs in South Africa and Kenya.


Thank you to Victoria Ward and Monika Deschodt from Digital Medic, Emma Chademana from One to One Africa, and Hellen Gwaro from Lwala Community Alliance for presenting.


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