Public Health Courses

Around the world today, more than 80 million learners worldwide engage with massive open online courses (MOOCs). The tremendous reach of open online learning platforms presents a huge opportunity for massive open online public health education too!

To day, the vast majority of MOOCs have been created in an attempt to solve for global higher education. Only a handful of MOOCs have focused primarily on disseminating public health education and improving basic health behaviors in their audiences.
We created four massive open online courses, on child nutrition, food and health for adults, breastfeeding and gender health. These courses currently reach more than 400,000 learners around the world and two have been repurposed for continuing medical education (CME) to support physicians in spreading basic health messages.
Our massive open online courses are hosted on Coursera, where learners around the world can access them for free, with the option of purchasing a completion certificate if they feel this will help them in the future. Our fastest growing MOOC, Introduction to Food and Health, grows by approximately 14,000 learners each week. Additionally, we reach thousands of physician learners, who access our courses through the free Stanford Online CME platform.
Both Coursera and the Stanford Office of Continuing Medical Education gather ongoing analytics and feedback from their learner populations. We conduct evaluations using this data to ensure that our programs are having a real impact on learners around the world.
Foundations of Food & Health

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