Our Story

Expanding Knowledge. Improving Health.

Our story began in 2017 when a group of passionate educators at Stanford Medicine made a commitment to extending our deep expertise in education and research to communities across the world. Building on our experience with creating compelling and credible e-learning experiences, we sought to bring this expertise to solve some of the world’s most challenging healthcare access issues. The digital revolution has enabled us to reach learners in the most remote areas of the world, and equip them with basic health knowledge that can save and improve lives.

We also believed that our ability to make the transformative change we seek would only be possible if we work together with collaborators who share this vision. The Digital MEdIC program was born out of this shared vision, and we have since formalized this program and our commitment to expanding knowledge and improving health worldwide.

We work with under-resourced communities, local NGOs, academic institutions, and government agencies to create engaging, easily adaptable, video-based health education content. We currently focus on maternal and child health, nutrition, and preventable diseases affecting communities around the world. 

Our content and evaluation teams in California and Cape Town work together to create content for frontline health workers and the populations they serve. We collaborate with local stakeholders who disseminate the content, the community members who consume it, and with researchers who help us improve and scale our impact.

Stanford, California
Cape Town, South Africa
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