Education Design

Our Approach

We use a community-based, human-centered design approach to produce relevant and actionable digital health education content. We tell stories, we provide rich medical illustrations, and we create localized learning experiences that connect emotionally with our learners.

We have honed our approach to designing and producing culturally sensitive and compelling digital health education content. The participation of target communities and local stakeholders in the production and design process fosters ownership and increases the likelihood that interventions will resonate with their intended audiences and be sustainable.

Scalable Solution

Our adaptable design allows for a video to be translated to multiple languages with a simple voiceover and slide update. For example, this Complementary Feeding video was easily adapted in four languages.

How to Use Digital Medic Content

We believe that access to health education is a human right, which is why all Digital Medic content is free to view and share. View our policies around sharing, adapting, and distributing content here: How to Use Digital Medic Content.